Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Duties of the 2016 D.A.D

We are finally in an era where gender equality is recognized, understood and accepted (by most), allowing men to undertake household chores without being emasculated. IN my own personal opinion, the role of a father has changed dramatically, -for the better. We no-longer live in the fa├žade of the “Mad Men era,” we live a society that requires most parents to provide dual incomes, and try to contribute to the housework almost equally.

The following is a list compiled from the help of some fathers across North America, on things a father should be able to do (or learn how to) :

1. Plan meals for the week, and be able to cook them..
2. Make kids lunches for school

3. Be able to sort out laundry and try to fold

4. Teach the kids how to wash and dry dishes by hand

5. Understand the difference between socks and “onesie baby legs”

6. Put kids to bed

7. Teach the kids (5+) when and where is it okay to pass gas

8. Hug the children before they go to school, or remind them to have a good day, the night before if your working

9. Take them to soccer, and cheer loud, don’t correct, but CHEER

10. Teach kids literacy – (this was given to me from my 8yr old…)

11. Know how to cook hotdogs

12. Help kids when they fall, yet also know when to teach them to shake it off and get back up

13. Teach them manners at the dinner table

14. Help the kids turn on Netflix

15. Read to kids constantly, don’t worry, you can make up the stories

16. Be able to tie a pony tail, and if you can make a bun

17. Wiping the proper direction for kids

18. Know not to dry clothes in the microwave

19. How to tie a tie, balloon, shoe lace, skates, and cleats

20. Teach them how to polish shoes on their own

21. How to start a fire

22. Setup new video game systems

23. Put air in to bikes, balls and balloons

24. Set up and connect to Wifi

25. Drive while being distracted

26. Set up a tent

27. How to kill monsters and wasps (if they attack)

28. How to participate in a tea party

29. How to play with dolls

30. Show respect to elders, and class/etiquette to women

31. Prepare a bottle

32. Change a diaper, and put the diaper where its supposed to go!

33. Know the size and brand of the diapers the children use

34. Put a car seat in properly

35. How to clean counters

36. Teach the kids on how to make a bowl of cereal

37. Show your son how to pee standing up

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